City Romance


Winter Blues



Cassandra Ross had worked at Stephens & Associates for years and saw Vance Stephens at corporate events and holiday parties. He was her boss’s son and was said to be a maverick. Vance was a celebrity lawyer. He invested in a fleet of start-up companies and lived a bachelor lifestyle. Their exchanges were always intimate, stolen moments until a New Year’s gala when Vance took her breath away in a passionate Winter’s kiss. He received a phone call and left before Cassandra had a chance to reveal her feelings for him.


Cassandra found out months later that Vance was involved in a situation that could lead to his financial ruin. She didn’t see Vance until he walked into the company’s holiday toy drive almost a year later. He wore a designer suit with a diaper bag slung over his shoulder as he steered a high-tech baby stroller. Vance said he was a single Dad and then introduced her to Braeden Jacob Stephens, his adorable two-month old son.

Vance Stephens had wanted Cassandra from the moment he saw her. She was off limits for years and bad timing had kept them apart. A stressful moment and his random proposal will prompt Cassandra to accept an arrangement. Can she handle the situations and responsibilities or will her own past and insecurities destroy her chance at happiness?   

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Thatcher Lewis and Jaime Roman connected through mutual friends. An intense New Year’s kiss led to intimate late-night conversations. Jaime wanted to protect her heart. Thatcher wanted her trust.Their explosive chemistry reached its breaking point during a weekend trip to the mountains. Jaime had a moment of honesty, so Thatcher backed off to respect her wishes. Jaime will make an emotional decision afterward that will prompt a trip to New York City just hours before a major snowstorm.Thatcher and Jaime will spend five passionate nights in the city during the most romantic time of the year.

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      Winter Secrets 


Chandler Lockwood was a twenty-eight-year-old tech genius. He had his own demons but was drawn to Grace from the moment they were introduced. Grace Davis was suffering from a broken heart. She cared for Chandler and didn’t want to screw up with unnecessary drama. Grace experienced a terrible scare during a winter storm, and Chandler came up with an intimate solution to her problem. Their chemistry was undeniable, and heartfelt confessions led to romantic times. Chandler wanted to win Grace’s heart while she wanted to shed her insecurities. Insatiable desires, half-truths, and hidden secrets will surface. Chandler and Grace’s bond will be tested. 

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