Tainted BLEU -




Sacha Bleu left her family’s Louisiana farm after a series of tragic circumstances. She took a bus out of town, and the final stop was Miami, Florida. Sacha found a place to stay and struggled to survive in a strange city without her family or financial support. She had a job at a local show bar and was attacked one night after work. Sacha was emotionally and physically scarred but alive. She became a successful business owner with help from a family inheritance two years later.

Sacha tried to adapt to life in Miami but continued to struggle with emotional setbacks triggered by the extreme trauma in her past. Everything changed when she met Homicide Detective Pierce Braxton. She continued to keep her past hidden while Pierce had some dark secrets of his own. A stalker, bloody death threat, and murder will send Sacha on an emotional journey of betrayal, lies, and sacrifice. Can Sacha accept her past to conquer her fears and save her own life?











Sacha Bleu and Pierce Braxton were in love, but the sudden illness of his father will bring a different set of circumstances. He’ll have to choose between his career as a detective and family obligations. Meanwhile, Valerie Marie was in Miami for her sister. She was graceful and deadly, but the pull of love, family, and normalcy could be too much for her. Sacha Dominic returned to the United States to protect his daughters. The heartache and painful memories of his true love were unbearable, but he will do everything in his power to correct a deadly mistake made years ago











Brock Michaels was a street kid turned criminal. He decided to leave the crime business, but an item called the Red Russian was taken. The boss’s men came, and his family was murdered. The item wasn’t found. Brock was confronted three years later. He was in love with Lena Alexander, but she wasn’t aware of his past. Brock will return to the lifestyle he left behind after Lena’s life is put in danger.

Phoenix “Santos” De Cordova was a street kid turned Homicide Detective. A random exchange with Veronica at Guilty Pleasures will spark mutual interest, but he didn’t expect to see Brock Michaels. They had history, so Phoenix will struggle to remain on the right side of the law.

Veronica Rodriguez escaped her abusive past and was in the process of a well-deserved divorce. She had a great job and was dating a successful doctor. Things changed when Veronica discovered his secrets. An embarrassing situation will prompt Veronica to spend more time with Phoenix.








Those Pretty Hurts.  

Makensie Weston escaped a deadly situation and left a bad for her ex behind in Philadelphia. She decided to spend the winter holidays in Miami. Makensie didn’t expect to meet Mason Maddox. Their chemistry was undeniable, but the timing was awful. Makensie was honest about her situation, but she didn’t expect her ex to track her down. Makensie and Mason will be thrown into an emotional storm of lies, deceit, and true confessions.

Some secrets just can’t be kept.