Tainted Series

Adult Fiction, contains mature content, language, and sexual situations.



Book 1/ When Sacha Bleu meets Pierce Braxton, a homicide detective everything changes. She keeps her past a secret while Pierce has some dark secrets of his own. A stalker, bloody death threat, and murder will send Sacha on an emotional journey of lies, betrayal, sex, and sacrifice. Will Sacha be able to accept her past to conquer her fears and save her own life?
Book 2/ Lust, Heartache, and dangerous obsessions… Love will leave the sensual caress of painful pleasure. The ultimate sacrifice…


Book 3/ Will Brock’s sins stay hidden? Will Lena confront her fears? Will Santos stay on the right side of the law? Will Veronica fall victim to her abusive past? The final book in the series.



Tainted Novel /Makensie Weston meets Mason Maddox and is thrown into an emotional storm of lust and true confessions. Sometimes past secrets can’t be kept…