It’s been awhile since Francine had a girls’ night out with her best friend Sara. She also wanted to celebrate her final and permanent break up with her ex-boyfriend. There were awkward moments at the bar, an unwanted drink was sent over, but things improved when Sara left the dance floor with her new friend Ray.  The night turned into good times and ended at a waterfront loft. Francine crashed on the sofa and woke up the next morning to freshly brewed coffee and Ray’s older brother half naked in the kitchen. Ryan was handsome, inked, and his gritty persona was so hot she couldn’t take it. Francine had a weakness for men like Ryan, but she will discover the man he is underneath it all.

It’s been four months since Melody ended things with Dutch. He was a bad habit she couldn’t seem to break. Melody had a moment of weakness, but another broken promise will force her to cut ties with Dutch for good. Melody met a handsome guy at the diner. He was a playful flirt with amber eyes and a laid-back vibe. They had chemistry, but she was surprised when his identity was revealed. Bruce left town fifteen years ago after his parents split, but his return will bring a different set of circumstances. Bruce’s older brother and Dutch are friends. Bruce wasn’t worried about his reputation or his brother’s friendship with Melody’s ex-boyfriend. Lines will be drawn and crossed, but Bruce will still be determined to make Melody his.