Romantic Suspense




SAGE was a jewel thief. She left the criminal lifestyle and her ex Ramsey behind in New Orleans. She moved to Oklahoma and rented a cozy cottage in the mountains. Sage finally had the normal life she wanted, but it came to an end when her brother called.

BILLY stole from the wrong people. She came with the money, but it wasn’t enough. Her ex was there. Sage hadn’t seen Ramsey in almost two years. She missed the late-night slow rides and sex until after sunrise. Sage was torn between her past life, love for her brother, and what she wanted most.

, Billy, and her friends in Oklahoma were all being threatened. Sage knew the situation wasn’t about why she left Ramsey, and it wasn’t about the stupid things Billy did. It was about all of them. They were criminals. She knew the past would come and when it did, she could fess up or give the Devil his due.

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Cheyenne was exhausted and stressed but determined to keep her family’s West Texas ranch. A development company asked her to sell. She declined their offer, and the problems began. The company hired her ex-boyfriend. Maximilian sold his father’s land and tried to force her to sell.

A storm came. Cheyenne helped the ranch hands search for stray livestock. They found a man wounded in the creek on her property. She decided to patch him up and turn him loose to avoid more trouble.

Jaxson woke up in pain, but he didn’t expect to see the blue-eyed beauty. There was a misunderstanding, and the circumstances around Jaxson’s situation was questionable. Cheyenne didn’t trust him. Jaxson wanted to protect her. The situation will spiral out of control with intense chemistry, lustful confessions, and past secrets. Will Cheyenne be able to trust Jaxson after she finds out the truth?