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Last Night & After, Cincinnati

SPENCER & DEVON. She's emotionally unavailable. He's divorced. A one night stand, miscommunications, fustrations, and sexy times. 

BRODIE LENNOX & CARLA JANINE. She didn't think long term. A wild morning with Brodie changed things. He left without saying goodbye, but a crisis will bring him back. Brodie will deal with Carla's emotional temper. 

PARKER HALSTON & ALISHA OLIVIA. They were introduced at the Brass Key awhile back, now, whenever their paths cross something happens. Parker was charming and successful. It was only infatuation, but Alisha wanted to put her desires first.

Las Vegas

AUSTIN & ROXY. He was in Las Vegas to check out his family’s newest investment. Their paths crossed in Gypsy. One night with Roxy and things were slanted, but she was beautiful trouble Austin refused to walk away from.

DAWSON & BIANCA. She  didn’t know the new repairman, but her request will lead to a conversation with Dawson Flint. She’ll find out he’s more than building maintenance.

MEMPHIS & JINX. She was protecting a secret but struggling to live without him. Memphis walked into Gypsy a year later, and the heartache returned. Jinx will have to deal with the painful consequences of leaving him behind

New York City Romance

SUMMER CRUSH, GABE & ALYSE. They were adversaries and two of the best hackers in the world. Their true identities were revealed with an offer from Lockwood Industries. Working together might be easier than dealing with the chemistry twisting between them. 

***Exclusive***Love on the Weekend   

SPRING RAIN,  LEVI & REINA. He grieved and worked until he saw Reina. His heart wasn’t ready for her, but he couldn’t let go. She was struggling after a loved one’s death. Reina was getting back to living but didn’t expect to see Levi at Blue Notes Café. 

Last Night & After, San Diego

SAVAGE PARADISE, REX & LAURA. He was gone awhile but didn’t expect to see Laura. She was the beautiful woman who had his heart all tangled up. Rex was pissed off over the way their relationship ended, but their time apart didn’t change anything. They’ll be more than lovers this time around.

WILD & FREE, THEO & STACIE. She wanted to strip on the beach. Theo didn’t allow it, but the wild beauty with hazel eyes was hard to forget. Something twisted at his gut whenever Stacie was around. Theo wasn’t good at expressing his feelings, but he’ll battle his heart and mind to be with Stacie.

Last Night & After, Seattle

RYAN & FANCY. The night turned into good times with Sara's new friend Ray and ended at a waterfront loft. Francine crashed on the sofa and woke up to freshly brewed coffee, and Ray’s older brother half naked in the kitchen.

BRUCE & MELODY.  She met a handsome guy at the diner. They had chemistry. Melody was surprised when his identity was revealed. Bruce left town fifteen years ago. Lines are drawn and crossed, but he'll make Melody his.

RAY & SARA. Their relationship was moving past the one drawer phase. Was six months long enough to fall in love? Sara was questioning it after a situation at the diner. Their romantic weekend might not happen. Ray wasn’t cancelling their trip. He had plans on winning Sara’s heart again and again.