Adult Romance


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Willow Lambert lost her husband and son in a car accident. She suffered guilt from her son’s death. Willow continued to mourn a year later but was determined to start over. She decided to move into a rented cottage in Maryland.  The road trip there was uneventful until a storm happened. Willow almost reached her destination, but a flat tire will leave her stranded on the private road to the estate.

The storm was worse, and Willow was taken by surprise when a mysterious stranger arrived to assist. He introduced himself as Dean Cartwright and the owner of the estate.  The violent storm, power outage, and intense chemistry will place Dean and Willow into familiar situations. Will this be the start of a new life for Willow? Will her time with the irresistible Dean Cartwright be a passionate mistake?

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One More Night -


Samantha Clarke’s life was perfect until her husband asked for a divorce. She was confused and hurt until she discovered his affair with his assistant. Samantha needed a break from the heartache. She decided to take a cruise to the Bahamas with her best friend Amy.

A night out in the ship’s casino led to him, and Samantha was in trouble from the moment she blew on his dice.

“Carter Kennedy is an artist infamous for his dark underground art. His work is genius. He has art galleries in L.A. and New York. He is also considered a recluse, and the people that have met him don’t ever talk about him.”

Honest confessions over dinner led to a naughty encounter. Carter was Samantha’s darkest desire, and she became his goddess. Her nights were filled with forbidden pleasure on the cruise to tropical paradise. How will this end for Samantha? Will she be able to resist Carter Kennedy’s constant desire for her?Available only (1)




Merissa said yes when her friend Gwen asked her to meet Damon. He was new to the area and they had mutual friends. Gwen insisted it wasn’t a date. Merissa was nervous and realized she had no idea what Damon looked like. There was a rushed text message, a distraction, and hot coffee involved. Merissa didn’t know the handsome guy that followed her out to the parking lot. She was too embarrassed to speak with him.

The coffee accident made Merissa realize she hadn’t been social since her terrible breakup. She logged onto a social website and fixed her profile with Gwen’s help. They read the flirts and messages. Merissa wasn’t interested in them. She used an advanced search and found Articulate Scholar 569 minutes later. All it took was one click; Merissa was fascinated with the man online. She had a crush on the handsome guy from the bistro. What will happen when she realizes Damon is her real-life crush? Will it affect her online attraction to Articulate Scholar 569?

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